Welcome to The Giant Koala

One of Australia's 'Big Things', The Giant Koala, is situated midway between the Victorian towns of Stawell & Horsham at a small town called Dadswells Bridge. Dadswells Bridge is regarded as the gateway to the Grampians Ranges and Sam the Giant Koala is the “Guardian of the Grampians”.

Stop in for breakfast, lunch or dinner or just drop in for some takeaway food, a hot drink or a nice cold ice cream. Try our range of old style boiled lollies or make a selection from our lolly shop with a large range of chocolates & lollies. You can even have your next function / party at the Giant Koala in the newly landscaped courtyard fed with our famous camp oven roasted meats.

The Giant Koala owners Rob and Julie Ann with Cuddles the Koala

Make use of our BBQ and bring your own meat and have a picnic out in our courtyard or among the animals in the zoo.

No need to bring your own alcohol as we are a licensed premises.

The Giant Koala has a large range of gifts and souvenirs for all ages so that you can take a soft toy koala away with you as a reminder of your visit.

The new owners of The Giant Koala, Rob & Julie-Anne, have recently added a zoo which is home to two very affectionate koalas and other native Australian animals & some farm animals.

The Giant Koala owners Rob and Julie Ann with Cuddles the Koala

You can have your photo taken in with our Koalas for a small fee. We have just completed a children’s "Petting Zoo" where they can pat animals such as rabbits, guinea pigs, baby turkeys, chickens.

The Giant Koala made an appearance on the Paul Hogan and Shane Jacobson movie 'Charlie and Boots' and was featured in the Telstra Bigpond advertisements this year.

A series of eight 'Big Things' in Australia has just been released on Redhead Matches and The Giant Koala was selected to be part of this series you can find them in Supermarkets now.

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